School reaches 30th year Under Master Gill

The summer of 2017 marks the 30th year of our Taekwon-Do school. From humble beginnings as the Barriere Taekwon-Do Club in 1987 to expansion running the Kamloops Taekwon-Do Club 1991-1997, opening the Thompson Valley Taekwon-Do School in summer of 1997. with schools in Barriere and Kamloops again expanding schools in 2002 to Barriere, Kamloops, Kelowna, Merritt and Okanagan Falls, along with several branch locations following with the creation of the Kamloops Martial Arts Association in 2015. Our schools have direct connections to the beginning of Taekwon-Do, following the system created by General Choi Hong Hi, through Master Gills, Master and teachers GM JC Kim, and GM CK Choi. Master Gill was promoted to his 8th Dan by founding pioneer GM JC KIM in 2016, who he trained under in the 1970`s. Master Gill was a founding member of the ITF of BC in 1987-1989, the creating of the organizations crest and logo, and president of the organization 9 times. He now resides in Kamloops and is constantly helping ITF Taekwon-Do followers from local to international levels in history, and training in the ITF System of Taekwon-Do.

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